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Mycology,an International Journal of Fungal Biology


     中国菌物学会2010与英国出版社Taylor & Francis Group合作,创办国际学术刊物《Mycology, an International Journal of Fungal Biology》,目前由刘杏忠研究员担任主编,蔡磊研究员担任执行副主编,面向全世界相关读者发行。本期刊将接受发表关于菌物学(包括地衣)的各个领域的最新研究成果,主要刊登系统学,生态与生物多样性,基因组与蛋白质组学,分子系统发育,进化生物学等方面的研究论文和综述。其他领域如与菌物相关的生物信息学,生理生化,病理学,发育学,细胞生物学,分子生物学,酶学,代谢产物及新技术等方面的工作也在接受范围内。



Mycology: An International Journal of Fungal Biology is an open access journal, sponsored by the Mycological Society of China. Mycology was launched in January 2010 by the Society, and is published by Taylor & Francis Group.

Mycology aims to provide a platform to meet the needs of a demanding and growing field, and to serve and engage dialogue between Chinese mycologists and the international community.

The journal publishes papers on all aspects of mycology including lichens, with preference to systematics, ecology and biodiversity, genomics and proteomics, and molecular phylogeny and evolution. Other appropriate subjects for the journal include bioinformatics, physiology and biochemistry, pathology, morphology development, cell biology, genetics, molecular biology, fungal enzymology, fungal metabolites and new techniques.

Mycology is an open access journal, which means that, upon payment of an article publishing charge (APC), the article is freely and permanently available on Taylor & Francis Group's online platform here. The Mycological Society of China currently cover the cost of the APC for all accepted articles, on behalf of authors. The benefits of publishing open access include:

•    Increased discoverability and visibility for your article.
•    Greater potential to reach a wide audience, often beyond a traditional subject field.
•    Greater potential to reach the media, policymakers and practitioners.
You can submit your paper to Mycology today here.